"It is clear that certain teachers are exceptional

and can transform children's lives. Even before

teaching our daughter we knew you were one of

those exceptional teachers and can't thank you

enough for all you have done for her and the way

she has thrived under your guidance."

"You were the one with the key to our minds... 

Every lesson you've taught us has helped shape

our lives... You really got our creativity flowing."

"What a special place - child heaven, straight out

of Enid Blyton! Willa is the most wonderful teacher

who managed to tease a fantastic English exam

result out of my unconfident, reluctant-reader of a

daughter. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

"Willa is extremely passionate about finding ways to connect with young minds, recognising that each child’s potential is unlocked by using the right approach which will be different for each individual. Willa’s creativity knows no bounds, and she has an amazing house and outdoor space to utilise for her teaching sessions. Enthusiastic and encouraging teaching, a rich learning environment and plenty of fun can be guaranteed at Wild for Words".

"Willa is an amazing English teacher. She really inspires children and helps to open their eyes and fill their imagination. Willa taught my daughter ... went on to pass her Common Entrance exams with flying colours. I highly recommend Willa at Wild for Words".

Feb. 2020

“It is just the most magical course. The girls loved their two days with Wild for Words and begged to return at the soonest possible moment! Willa and her team have the ability to spark children’s imagination and creativity from what’s around them, at their feet to the sky, which means you pick them up bright eyed and sparkling with ideas and experiences, all done from the comfort of Willa’s beautiful home and garden. Thank you.”


‘Olivia L, Oxfordshire’