SATURDAY GROUP Summer Afternoons 2022

 6-8 ye

6-12 year olds  -  1 pm to 4 pm


Saturday 30th April

Saturday 7th May - No session

Saturday 14th May -No session

Saturday 21st May 

Saturday 28th May 

Saturday 4th June - No session

Saturday 11th June

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Garden Days - £75 per child

Little Wild for Words  - £65 per child

One to One Wizards - £70 per hour

Twin Wizards - two children £40 each per hour

Saturday Club - £60 per  session if 5 or more children attend




Our   dates are dependent on Government guidelines and in the event of Covid rules altering- may be subject to sudden change. If we have  to cancel courses all bookings will be refunded or you  can defer dates.  For any questions please email or phone us. 




Targeted support on one to one or group of two basis – 90 minute or 2 hour sessions

We run a mixture of one or two day holiday courses. Courses for 6-8 year olds or 8–12 year olds to spend consecutive days living outdoors with a focus on enjoyment and fun - playing creatively with words, (including reading and writing) for confidence building, self-­esteem and mindfulness. 

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Summer Half-term and Holidays


May/June Half-term

2-day Course:
(for 8-12  year olds)

Monday 30th May 10am -3pm

Tuesday 31st May 10am- 3pm

Little Wild for Words  1 day Course:

(for 6-8 year olds)

Wednesday 1st June 10-2pm

Summer Holidays

2-day Courses:
(for 8-12  year olds)

Tuesday 12th July 10am- 3pm

Wednesday 13th July 10am - 3pm

Tuesday 19th July  10am- 3pm

Wednesday 20th July 10am - 3pm

Monday 25th July 10am - 3pm

Tuesday 26th July 10am - 3pm

Monday 15th August 10am - 3pm

Tuesday 16th August 10am - 3pm

Monday 22nd August 10am - 3pm

Tuesday 23rd August 10am - 3pm 

Monday 29th August 10am - 3pm

Tuesday 30th August 10am - 3pm

Little Wild for Words  2-day Courses:

(for 6-8 year olds)

Thursday  14th July 10am-2pm

Friday 15th July 10am -2pm

Thursday  21st July 10am-2pm

Friday 22nd July 10am -2pm

Thursday  28th July 10am-2pm

Friday 29th July 10am -2pm

Thursday  18th  August 10am-2pm

Friday 19th August 10am -2pm

Thursday  25th August 10am-2pm

Friday 26th August 10am -2pm

Thursday  1st September 10am-2pm

Friday 2nd September 10am -2pm

Mixed Age - (for 6 -12 year olds)

Wednesday 27th July 10am -3 pm

Wednesday 17th August 10am -3 pm

Wednesday 24th August 10am -3 pm

Wednesday 31st August 10am -3 pm


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